Dadi Janki Inaugurates Sukh Shanti Bhawan in Bhopal

11 January 2019 12:53 Brahma Kumaris

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh: Accompanied by the tune of a police band, Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kumaris unfurled the flag of the Supreme Soul to unleash a shower of flowers on everyone. Thus she inaugurated the Sukh Shanti Bhawan(BK Center) at Nilbar in Bhopal and dedicated it to public service and welfare. Musicians from Mount Abu added charm to this house warming ceremony with their melodious renderings. .

At this three day long Spiritual Retreat, 103 years old Dadi Janki started her address with the Om Shanti mantra.She said that if we perform our daily actions by considering ourselves as the trustees of God, then there will be no tensions. Every soul has the 5 basic qualities of Purity, Truthfulness, Humility, Sweetness and Peace. These must shine in every human being. Purity in mind,words and deeds is the first basic principle of Brahma Kumaris. Truthfulness in worldly affairs and sweetness and humility in character should be there.While performing any action ,we must be soul conscious and free from attachment to its result. .

Sharing her experience in London ,she told the audience that when the Britishers asked her about her husband and children, she answered that the One who rules everyone’s hearts is her husband and Love,Peace and Happiness are her three children. This Bhawan(building) would cater to these three needs of the people of Bhopal. Later she made people experience peaceful vibrations through yoga. .

Member of Parliament Mr. Alok Sanjar said that this Bhawan(building) is full of feelings-its bricks are made of love, cemented with dedication and watered with peace and purity. .

Director General of Police Maithilisharan Gupta said that today there is an atmosphere of dejection everywhere. Everyone is blindly running after money. Brahma Kumaris are a whiff of fresh air creating a constructive environment for all. It is only with efforts like these that a Golden Age is possible on earth. .

BK Avdesh(Zonal Head Bhopal) made everyone pledge to always keep true to the path shown by Dadi Janki. .

BK Neeta(Administrator of Sukh Shanti Bhawan) said that it was only with the blessings of the Supreme Soul that a work of this magnitude was made possible. BK Bhopal from Shantivan and BK Anita from Chandigarh also addressed the gathering. More than 100 celibate Brahma Kumars were also felicitated. Kumaris from Chhatarpur enthralled everyone with their dance performance. .

After the inauguration, Dadi Janki who is also the brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission, went for a quick stroll of the city. She found it clean and vibrant and appreciated the administration for their efforts. .

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