Shree Hari Kirtan Adiyatmik Jagrati Mission Jammu, Grand Show of Bhajan And Pravachan

06 December 2018 16:13 Spiritual Desk

Shree Hari Kirtan Adiyatmik Jagrati Mission is a mobile Parivar and moves across the town tirelessly for the Community intregation and has achieved tremendous response from public. The mobile van was today in Durganagar at the residence of Sunil Kumar Mehta. A grand show of pravachan cum Bajan was seen before the extraordinary public. Aderni Basant Kumar Ji in his pravachan gave a beautiful explanation of " BAGHWAT PRAPTI " and also explained the importance of Satsang for achieving eternal bliss/ wisdom. Hats off for his exceptional delivery of bajans. He is a beacon of light for the Community and as seen people love to listen him. .

Aderni Pushker Nath & Vijay Kumar also performed Mata Bhawani bajans. .

Thanks to Aderni Dr J N Raina who is carrying the team in a well coordinated manner. Here are some photo shoots for your inf. Meeting again tomorrow 3.00 PM in Ajit manger, Gole Gujral for yet another Satsang. .

Jai Shri Krishna. .


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