Touch the Light’ Value Based Program for Students by Brahma Kumaris

11 January 2019 12:59 Brahma Kumaris

Bhilai Nagar, Chhattisgarh: Brahma Kumaris and Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation have been running ‘Touch the Light’ program, a value-based education curriculum, in various schools across the nation for the last 12 years successfully. Under this program being run at various schools of Bhilai Nagar, the BK teachers conduct half-an-hour session every week for the students of Grade V to Grade IX wherein the qualities of morality, concentration, confidence, peace, virtues and inner powers are being enhanced. Some students, who were selected during various activities, were felicitated at Peace Auditorium. .

On this occasion, BK Asha, Director of Bhilai centres, said that we develop our habits in the childhood itself. If we inculcate good habits at this stage, the children shall become great citizens. She added that the values cannot be preached but taught by our elevated actions. .

Students shared their experiences at this occasion. Gujan of Grade IX, EMMS, Sector 5, said that she learned about values from the BK Classes. She inculcated the virtues of tolerance and cleanliness. Chetna from Kosanagar Government School said that after the class of good and bad habits, she learnt to respect her parents and grandparents. .

Among the parents present, Kavita Sahu, sharing her experience said that her daughter now obeys her and studies on her own. Before this, she used to insist for things. BK Geeta said that a selfless service brings about changes in others. Ms. Indu, Principal, BSP School, said that the BK teachers teach the values through short stories which are appreciated even by the teachers. .

Ms. Sinha (Principal, Kosanagar Government School), Meethu Majumdar (Principal, EMMS, Sector 5), Rajeev Pathak (Chairman, J.J. Advertisers), parents and teachers were present in huge numbers. The beautiful coordination of the stage was done by BK Anupama Dutta. .

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